LiNa’s funded

LiNa has leveraged non-dilutive government research grants to advance its technical program since the company’s inception.

LiNa demonstrated proof-of-concept with a grant from the Faraday Challenge in Project LiNaMan, completed in November 2019.

LiNa is currently preparing the first cell pack to undergo testing outside our labs at a tame client site, funded by a grant from the Energy Entrepreneurs’ Fund.

On this page we detail our most recent and ongoing grant-funded projects, Hi-LiNa and LiNa-Man.


Project Hi-LiNa

Hi-LiNa is a £1M project, supported by a grant of £650,000 from the UK government’s Energy Entrepreneurs’ Fund to demonstrate a prototype of this innovative cell in real-world conditions.

The project lasts for 18 months, concluding in February 2021.

In this project, LiNa is constructing a prototype stack and, in parallel, developing all the manufacturing processes which go into making the cell. The stack will be operated in a commercial installation. The project also funds LiNa’s commercial preparations for market launch, and assists the company to strengthen relationships with key suppliers and end users.


Project LiNaMan

LiNa-Man was a £250,000 UK government grant-funded project, through Innovate UK’s Faraday Challenge, which was successfully concluded in November 2019.

The project financed LiNa’s successful proof-of-concept of its Na-NiCl2 cell for the first time. Processes for future mass production of the cell were evaluated, and Life Cycle Analysis undertaken, in collaboration with partners Lancaster University and the Centre for Process Innovation.

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